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"Memorie di una principessa etiope"

presented  at the University of  Bari,

Salone degli Affreschi, Palazzo Ateneo

9 December 2005

"A marvelous book that takes us into a world that is completely unknown to us westerners, the complex world of the Ethiopian aristocracy of the 20s and 30s.",  Angelo Del Boca

The  presentation of the book « Memorie di una principessa etiope » by Martha Nasibł, published by Neri Pozza, took place on 9 December 2005 in the Salone degli Affreschi of the University of Bari, by gracious hospitality offered by the  Magnifico Rettore Prof. Dott. Giovanni Girone, who kindly presented the book before the consequent audience attending further to the invitation of the University.

The introduction was made by Avvocato Ugo Urcioli, co-organizer of the event.  Prof. Vito Gallotta,   Prof. Gianfranco Liberati and  Prof. Mario Spagnoletti  respectively presented the book and  in their scholarly analysis, enumerated the merits of the Martha's narrative, highlighting its captivating style and  literary value.

In this respect,  Prof. Nicola Labanca of the University of Siena, in a a recent review published in the December issue of the magazine on contemporary history « I Sentieri della Ricerca »(Edizioni Centro Studi « Piero Ginocchi » Crodo ) states

This book by Martha Nassibou is a touching document describing a hardly known past.   It is therefore more striking in its tone and literary form,  such that it could dislodge the film "La vita č bella".  This book,  "Memorie di una p
rincipessa etiope" should be read in  schools, the story should be told to today's Italian  school children of the age that Martha was in the book, so that they may understand, even if in the intentionally  chosen  fairy-like tone,  what were fascism, colonialism and racism.»

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